Case Studies and White Papers

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Young travellers in Occitanie flock to FAIRTIQ

The Occitanie regional council, Région Occitanie, and SNCF Voyageurs Occitanie wanted to encourage more 18–26-year-olds to travel by train. The challenge was finding a solution that would offer young people the flexibility they want without putting extra strain on their often tight budgets. Read in the case study how they mastered this challenge.

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More than just a mobile phone ticket: VAB establishes a new fare structure in the Bavarian Lower Main region

From January 2022, passengers of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft am Bayerischen Untermain (VAB) can use the FAIRTIQ app on all buses and trains. Buying tickets with a smartphone not only makes using public transport more convenient, but it also ensures greater simplicity and transparency thanks to a new e-Fare.

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How FAIRTIQ technology facilitated SBB Mobile app extension - with EasyRide

In 2019, the most popular Swiss public transport app added an innovative feature that also lets travellers who do not hold a travelcard or season ticket use the app to buy a ticket for their journey on any long-distance and local transport service in Switzerland. Mobile ticket sales have sharply increased as a result. This app extension was built using the FAIRTIQ SDK.

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Fare capping at CGN offers travellers greater flexibility

CGN, the Lake Geneva navigation company, has responded to changes in travel behaviour due to the pandemic. With help from FAIRTIQ, it has introduced fare capping. This move is already paying dividends by attracting new customers.

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Ticketing in Mobility as a Service - report publication by UITP

According to the UITP Handbook, ticketing services as part of a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution must have bold ambitions, based on systems that are well-designed and highly adaptable.
Read on page 12 how FAIRTIQ has provided a national solution for Switzerland’s seamless public transport network.

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Flexible Pricing Innovation to Boost Ridership

As we lurch towards a recovery from the pandemic, cities are coming back to life. The good news for public transport, which declined by as much as 90 percent in London, is that travellers are returning. Globally, ridership is back to 80 percent of 2019 numbers. 

Research by the World Resources Institute found that a thriving public transport network is crucial for a host of social, economic, and environmental concerns. Public transport can and should be a means of sustainable and equitable access to jobs, education, healthcare, shopping, and entertainment.

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Specifying the next generation of mobile ticketing

One of the key issues to encouraging riders to return to public transport and attracting new customers is to make the experience easier, and especially ticketing. It has recently been identified in the UK that as many as a third of people that don’t use public transport cite the complexities of making sure they have the right and best ticket as the main reason. Governments around the world now see improved ticketing as a key issue to increasing passenger numbers.  

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How EVAG partnered up with FAIRTIQ to save 2 Million EUR investment costs by removing ticket vending machines

Since February 2019, public transport users in Erfurt can use the FAIRTIQ app for easy and convenient ticket purchase with a best price guarantee. Not only did the app replace outdated onboard ticket vending machines (TVMs), it also contributed to cost savings, a leap in sales digitalisation and high passenger satisfaction.  

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Flexibility – Top of Public Transport Users’ Wish List

Has the coronavirus crisis changed public transport usage patterns… or has the pandemic simply reinforced existing megatrends? In this white paper, we provide public transport operators with an overview of how the coronavirus pandemic is reshaping user needs.

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