Applied Machine Learning Days 2020 EPFL

The largest ML event in Europe, the Applied Machine Learning Days 2020 at EPFL, is less than two weeks away.

This year, our Chief Scientist, Roman Prokofyev, will talk about how we use mobile phone sensors to identify which modes of transportation individuals use to travel from A to B. The aim of travel mode detection, as it is more commonly known, is to identify whether a journey is made on foot, by bike, by train or by car. This information is crucial for FAIRTIQ as many users keep our app running throughout the day, so we need to be able to identify those journeys that were not made on public transport and exclude them from the traveller’s final bill.

Details of the talk here:

If you intend to travel to EPFL by public transport, use the FAIRTIQ app to buy the right ticket, at the right price, and enjoy a hassle-free trip 😀