FAIRTIQ app adds new feature

"Remote working, coupled with the challenging economic climate, means that employers need simple and innovative solutions to make travelling as convenient as possible for their employees. FAIRTIQ has developed a pay-per-use option, which only charges the customer for the journeys that are actually taken. It has proven popular with our corporate customers."

Bruno Rohner, Business Development & Corporate Travel Manager at FAIRTIQ

The new 'payment profiles' feature makes the FAIRTIQ app even more user-friendly by allowing customers to add multiple payment methods. 

Since August 2021, FAIRTIQ app users can set up two separate payment profiles: personal and work. This also makes the billing process easier by allowing a user to charge their business travel to their corporate credit card and their private travel to their personal credit card.

FAIRTIQ hopes that this new feature will help employers make travelling as convenient as possible for their staff and streamline their corporate accounting and other administrative processes. 

FAIRTIQ customers can choose to use the same or two different payment methods for both profiles. They will receive a separate statement for each payment profile, incl. VAT details, which they can submit with their expenses claims.

The clear breakdown of the costs charged to the work account will make the whole process of claiming expenses easier, both for the employee and their employer.

The method of payment already stored in the app is linked by default to the 'personal' payment profile. The user can manually add the 'work' profile and select either their existing payment method or a different one.

Users need to activate one of their two payment profiles before they board. However, they cannot switch between profiles during the journey. The fare for the journey will be charged only to the payment profile selected prior to boarding.

Development continues on this feature. Ultimately, FAIRTIQ wants to offer businesses the possibility of being directly invoiced for their employees' business travel. We also offer corporate customers bespoke solutions like public transport travel credits and special offers for specific stops, zones or times. 

Would you like to find out more about FAIRTIQ's corporate travel solutions?  

We can offer you bespoke solutions built according to your specifications and needs. FAIRTIQ has already forged collaborative partnerships with an array of corporate customers like HILTI, the tool manufacturer. You can read more about our partnership with HILTI here.


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