21 January 2021

Hilti adds FAIRTIQ to its toolbox | FAIRTIQ

Hilti adds FAIRTIQ to its toolbox | FAIRTIQ

Hilti adds FAIRTIQ to its toolbox

Picking up a one-day travel pass at reception is now a thing of the past for Hilti staff. After a successful pilot phase, the international tool manufacturer has adopted the FAIRTIQ app across its Swiss and Liechtenstein offices. Thanks to a special promocode that links to pre-defined stops, journeys between the company’s sites in Buchs, Nendeln and Schaan are automatically recorded as business travel and not charged to the employee. All that Hilti staff have to do is check in and check out on the FAIRTIQ app.

Sustainable mobility made easy 

According to Daniel Oehry, HR Project Manager and Mobility Manager at Hilti, FAIRTIQ, and its simple solutions, is helping the company achieve its mobility goals:

“The Hilti mobility plan includes a package of measures to encourage employees to cycle or use public transport whenever they can. We also provide our staff with free bus and train tickets for their journeys to and from our other sites in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In 2020 we also began using FAIRTIQ, which simplifies matters further. Staff simply sign on to the app, and enjoy free travel to their next meeting.”

Daniel Oehry HR Project Manager and Mobility Manager at Hilti

Business solutions

FAIRTIQ offers companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein a range of business solutions, including public transport credits for staff and clients (the credit amount is loaded on a smartphone and functions like a voucher). We also offer tourism-specific solutions like free travel for tourists in designated tariff zones.

For more information, contact us at: b2b@fairtiq.com