17 November 2021

Mein Besuch hinter die Kulissen von FAIRTIQ während der Teamwoche

Mein Besuch hinter die Kulissen von FAIRTIQ während der Teamwoche

I entered FAIRTIQ and here’s what happened


Sarah Luvisotto entrepreneur and consultant visited FAIRTIQ during the teamweek to gain insights on our company culture. 



I entered FAIRTIQ and here’s what happened

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at FAIRTIQ? This summer, I peeked behind the curtains and investigated FAIRTIQ corporate culture as part of a paper I was writing for IMD Business School. My intention was to look into “the way things get done around here”. I promised myself not to drink the company’s kool-aid and remain a critical observer. I spent a few days with a group of employees and now I am going to spill the beans for you…
Many companies set forth lofty values to please investors and customers. I am sure you have heard all the big words before. As a company outsider, I have the privilege to tell it like it is: FAIRTIQ is way more extraordinary than anybody in the company would dare to say. It is beyond nice, fun, and dynamic. What I saw was a full-blown lovable company led by resourceful and progressive people who deeply care. The level of trust within the teams and at the company level is simply out-of-this-world. People acting with humility might simply reflect their Swiss heritage. Don’t be fooled, though. This is a world leader in the making with a distinctive culture. 



Hell, there are no rules here - we are trying to accomplish something

The management ideal is to work with as few rules as possible. Instead, it holds every employee accountable and trust that he/she will do what is in the best interest of the company. It’s worth pointing out that FAIRTIQ has doubled its size every year since its inception. The company is either extremely lucky or extremely savvy when it comes to building peak performance teams. Everyone I talked to said that at FAIRTIQ, you create your opportunities. Senior leaders prioritize communicating around the vision and share information about the context so that individuals are empowered to make their own decisions: “I am the most junior member of the team, and I can push forward a different solution than what my manager had in mind. And he will thank me for the different perspective I bring”. 



FAIRTIQ walks the talk 

Passion is a thing. It’s the one word that came repeatedly in my conversations with the people at FAIRTIQ. Every individual I interviewed was deeply committed to the company, proud of the product they were building, and grateful to work in such a positive environment where they felt seen, understood and that their whole life, not just their office life, mattered. The CEO role models behavior and makes a point of attending and saying a few introduction words at every “Weeklies”, even if that means turning down a prestigious media interview. People come first. 




Challenge the status quo

There is a high talent density at FAIRTIQ, and the hiring team will prefer to miss a good candidate than risk hiring an average one. This in turn creates a powerful sense of trust among colleagues. You know that whoever sits next to you earned their stripe to be in this rocket of a company that is redefining everyday mobility. 

I am not paid to tell you this but I will tell you anyway: FAIRTIQ is an amazing company to work for. If you are smart, skilled, and have great work ethos, get on that rocket now. And like Sheryl Sandberg said: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” 



Thank you so much, Sarah Luvisotto for this great guest blogpost!

Sarah Luvisotto is a multifaceted entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the disruptive real-estate startup kiiz and of the consulting firm Comina Luvisotto. A keen observer of business, marketing and digital trends, she regularly serves as public speaker and guest lecturer.


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