9 July 2019

Real user support from real people: Meet our customer care team | FAIRTIQ

Real user support from real people: Meet our customer care team | FAIRTIQ

Real user support from real people: Meet our customer care team

Did you know that more than 99.5% of all journeys made on FAIRTIQ are correctly calculated? I personally think that is a really high accuracy rate. It is proof of our app’s reliability and the amazing work of our tech team. 

But it also means that 0.5% of the journeys require some human help. This is what we, the Customer Care team, do. We have the satisfying task of making sure that you are satisfied with our service. At FAIRTIQ, we care about our users and are happy to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy, too.


Let me tell you more about us

My name is Julian and I am FAIRTIQ’s Customer Care Coordinator. Let me share a few handy hints with you.

  • When you report an issue with a journey you have taken, your request is sent directly to our partners, the public transport operators. They are best placed to answer your questions as they know their network and fares inside and out. 
  • All other questions are answered by the FAIRTIQ team: Loredana, Leonie, Carina, Lea, Andreas and Kevin. I am so lucky to work with brilliant people like them! They are not only young and dynamic but they also speak German, French, English and Italian, and are committed to handling all customer queries promptly and professionally. Did you know that they are also studying part-time? Working for us allows them to finance their studies and our flexible conditions mean that they can work from home, too.
  • Certain requests, especially those that concern Germany and Austria, are handled separately by Martina, Sergi and Jeremy, FAIRTIQ's project management team.

FAIRTIQ’s eyes and ears

Together, we are the eyes and ears of the company. When you send us an idea on how to improve FAIRTIQ, we pass it on directly to our product team. If you have encountered a bug, we report it to our tech team.

This is why we value your feedback so highly. Because we never want to let you down, we offer you these guarantees:

  • We answer every single question.
  • We find a solution to every single problem.
  • We aim to answer within 3 business days.
  • We are always friendly & easy-going.

In short, we work to make sure that FAIRTIQ is… FAIR! 


We recently read some of your feedback. Thank you! You’ve made us very happy. 

“FAIRTIQ is the best app that I know. When I report a problem, I have never seen a company reacting so fast. I highly recommend it to everyone”

“This app has a bright future. Easy to use, accurate and so practical. Plus, their customer service is so efficient”

“Dear Madam or Sir, the way your processed my request is great and completely unexpected. It really wasn't about the money, it was about the system. You answered me professionally and helpfully. You show customer friendliness and very exemplary entrepreneurial behaviour. Many thanks and congratulations - keep up the good work!”

Do you have any questions? 

You will find most answers on our FAQ. If you don’t, please contact us using the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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