31 October 2019

The brains behind EasyRide

The brains behind EasyRide

In early October 2018 SBB launched a nationwide market test of EasyRide in its SBB Preview app. Within a little over a year, EasyRide was up and running in the main SBB Mobile app. But SBB called on outside help when it came to the technology behind its handy new feature. So, who did they call? FAIRTIQ, the mobile ticketing leader, of course! The blog post tells the backstory of this major milestone in FAIRTIQ history. 

How it all began

FAIRTIQ was created about three and a half years ago by a visionary team who truly believed that buying public transport tickets could be made much easier and who knew that travellers wanted to get from A to B as quickly, simply and cheaply as possible, without the hassle of working out the right fare. From day one, user needs have informed everything FAIRTIQ does. This user-centric approach has paid off: more than 10 million journeys have been made with the FAIRTIQ app so far! But getting a business off the ground takes more than an innovative drive and expertise; an extra large helping of grit, and finding the right partners are vital. For FAIRTIQ, the ideal partners come in the shape of forward-looking regional transport operators who were ready to place their trust in and adopt a revolutionary app with almost no track record. 

David and Goliath 

There are lots of positives about being a start-up, but there are downsides, too. Your resources are pretty limited and you have yet to make a name for yourself. In the early years, these negatives can be a drag on growth, which is why it is important to offset them. Hence, our decision to collaborate with bigger, well-established partners like Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and SBB (EasyRide project). 

These partnerships gave us the chance to prove the scalability of FAIRTIQ technology. FAIRTIQ currently has in excess of 100,000 users. A pretty impressive number, but it pales in comparison to the 5 million or so who use SBB Mobile. Naturally, managers of such a huge mobile app – which is now the most used app in Switzerland – will not settle for second-best when it comes to the technology behind their product. So, what better company for the job than FAIRTIQ, the leading provider of mobile ticketing solutions.  

Start small, think big

The prestige of having a business partner like SBB is a major advantage when growing the international side of your business. Being responsible for developing the revolutionary and reliable technology that drives Switzerland’s most popular public transport app increases your chances of success when it comes to major international tenders. Great news for us because this is exactly the direction we want to head in! Our long-term goal is that wherever you are in the world, you will be able to open the FAIRTIQ app, swipe right to check in and travel to where you want on public transport, with the right fare at the right price.

FAIRTIQ or EasyRide?

Neuroscientists estimate that a person makes around 20,000 decisions every day, many subconsciously. It starts in the morning with your coffee order (check out the Sympany ad: How difficult can ordering coffee be?) and finishes in the evening with your choice of bedtime viewing. Now, you have yet another decision to make: FAIRTIQ or EasyRide? Don’t panic! To help you make up your mind, we explain the differences between the two solutions here.  

Small but perfectly formed

One difference between the two apps is that SBB Mobile has a whole host of functions that respond to virtually any public transport need you might have; the FAIRTIQ app does only one thing – working out the right fare at the best possible price – but does so precisely and perfectly. In other words, we do not, nor do we aspire to, offer an all-purpose mobility tool. Our sole concern is helping to make your day-to-day life much less complex. From the outset, our motto has been ‘simplify to the minimum, reduce to the maximum’. And we have no intention of changing course now!

Here’s to more hassle-free travel with Switzerland’s easiest public transport ticket! 🚆🚌 🚋 🛳️