24 July 2019

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award: Together we can win | FAIRTIQ

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award: Together we can win | FAIRTIQ

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award: Together we can win

Wherever you look, there is a competition celebrating fledgling and innovative companies... a start-up challenger here, an accelerator programme there. It may have started in the USA and Germany, but Switzerland has quickly picked up on this trend! As well as recognising the hard work and vision of the lucky winners, these competitions are a great way for startups to increase their visibility, attract new customers and build on their success. 

At FAIRTIQ, we recognise the value of contests like the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award, but are determined not to get caught up in the startup competition hype. The following blog post explains why we are highly selective about the competitions we enter. 


5 reasons why we enter startup competitions

1. Because good publicity doesn’t have to cost the earth

We might not have the instant name recognition of Migros, Lego and Whatsapp, or are among the 20 strongest consumer brands in Switzerland, but that could change. FAIRTIQ is still building its brand and aspires to have the same level of visibility as these business giants. But doing so requires substantial financial investment. We’re only getting off the ground, so a major national, not to mention European, ad campaign is simply out of reach. We have to be resourceful when it comes to attracting new users, partners and employees. One way is to enter (and win) startup competitions.

2. Because not everyone realises that FAIRTIQ is a great place to work

We realise that startups are ten a penny. But at the end of the day there is only one FAIRTIQ! Who is able to say that they stand 100% behind a product which they have helped to develop and which is as much loved by users as it is by business partners? We are always on the look-out for new team members, but two or three other attractive employers are too. If we are to face down this stiff competition, we need to show potential employees what we have to offer. Rather than bombastic self-advertising, we prefer to let our achievements speak for themselves. This is where awards come in! 

3. Because we want to remain the best public transport app

If our user feedback is anything to go by, FAIRTIQ is currently the best public transport app around. We can’t begin to tell you how honoured and happy we feel about this! Input from users makes us even more motivated to do everything in our power to make sure that it stays that way. But we realise that users’ needs are constantly evolving and the competition never sleeps. FAIRTIQ might be good now but we want to be even better.

4. Because travelling by public transport should be easy for all 

OK, FAIRTIQ is just one of many mobile applications out there. But we believe that it is more than that: it is a public transport revolution! This is why we strive for higher heights: FAIRTIQ wants to simplify sustainable mobility for all. And we are prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish our mission. Already users in Switzerland, parts of Austria and Germany are reaping the benefits. Next stop… the world! 

5. Let’s dance… or maybe not

Do you fancy pushing us outside our comfort zone? And we don’t mean by submitting a really tricky user query. While the heatwave is causing us to break out in a sweat, a refreshing lunchtime dip in Bern’s Aare river soon sorts out the FAIRTIQ team. Not so dancing. The FAIRTIQ team might have an incredibly diverse skillset to draw on, but tripping the light fantastic is not one of them. If you vote for us in the Top 100 Startup Award and we win, we’ll do a proper victory dance, just for you!

If you are a satisfied FAIRTIQ user or you simply want to watch us battle our kryptonite, cast a vote for FAIRTIQ in the Public Voting of the Top 100 Startup Award by the end of July (LinkedIn account required). Our win is your win! ❤️