31 July 2019

Two becomes one: FAIRTIQ vmobil now integrated in the FAIRTIQ app | FAIRTIQ

Two becomes one: FAIRTIQ vmobil now integrated in the FAIRTIQ app | FAIRTIQ

Two becomes one: FAIRTIQ vmobil now integrated in the FAIRTIQ app

Taking public transport in the Vorarlberg region of Austria couldn’t be easier. And it’s all thanks to the FAIRTIQ vmobil app, which was launched back in autumn 2018: travellers simply have to swipe right on their phone when getting on the bus or train, and the app takes care of the rest. There’s even better news: FAIRTIQ vmobil was recently added to the FAIRTIQ app. This means that users travelling on the Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg fare network as well as to and from Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein (Kombitarif ticket) now need only one mobile ticketing app, not two. 


80 apps installed, but only 40 in regular use

According to App Annie, a market research institute specialising in mobile app analytics, the average smartphone user has over 80 apps on their phone, but use at most one half, and sometimes only one third, on a monthly basis. Many smartphone users probably already know this from their own experience. So, FAIRTIQ’s streamlining efforts—combining several mobile ticketing apps into one—are likely to face little opposition. 

Responsive to our customers’ needs

If recent user figures and the findings of a six-month review posted on our blog are anything to go by, the FAIRTIQ vmobil app has been in active use. However, a growing number of users who travel regularly between Vorarlberg and Switzerland called for a single mobile ticketing app which could be used in both fare networks. Well, when customers talk, we—and the Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg—listen. So, the first thing we did was to conduct a detailed review. This led us to launch a project, which culminated in the successful integration of FAIRTIQ vmobil in the FAIRTIQ app. 

Interregional travel made easy

If you are an existing FAIRTIQ vmobil user, please go to the Play/AppStore, download the latest version of the FAIRTIQ app, and register. Now you’re all set for hassle-free travelling to and from Voralberg. 

Note: Before boarding the bus or train, you will have to manually select the region you are leaving from (for instructions, see our FAQs). For example, if you are leaving from Switzerland or Liechtenstein, select “Switzerland and Liechtenstein”. When leaving from the Vorarlberg region, select “Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg”. We can only issue you with a valid ticket if every leg of your journey falls within the area currently covered by the FAIRTIQ app. If you have to change at a station on the border, you will need to change your FAIRTIQ region before continuing your trip. First, check-out, then change your region settings before checking-in again (see our FAQs).  

For more information, go to our FAQs. 

Here’s to many happy and hassle-free interregional trips with FAIRTIQ!