You can now pay your FAIRTIQ journeys with Reka

Almost everyone knows it, almost everyone uses it: Reka money. Reka belongs to Switzerland just like the Swiss Aromat seasoning or the Swiss army knife. For some, it is a childhood memory, for others, a fringe benefit and all those would like to have it available as a means of payment in the FAIRTIQ app.

FAIRTIQ has already supported an extensive list of acceptable payment options including VISA, Mastercard, PostFinance Card, Swisscom Easypay and TWINT. Now with Reka, the most popular leisure money of Mr. and Mrs. Swiss is added. Download the latest version of the app and select Reka-Card as a mode of payment.

Travelling just got cheaper with Reka

If you are on the road with FAIRTIQ, you will always be charged the best available price for your journey. If you select Reka-Card as a means of payment in the app, it will be even cheaper! Reka money can always be obtained at a discount - directly from Reka or, for example, from the Coop Customer Service when you present your Supercard.

Who invented it?

Although modesty is a virtue in Switzerland, little national pride is sometimes needed. Let’s discover two Swiss inventions. Reka and ... FAIRTIQ! You might ask yourself who invented FAIRTIQ. A Swiss, Gian-Mattia Schucan.

And if we are already familiar with Swiss inventions: did you know that the aluminum foil is a Swiss invention? Or the garlic press? I didn’t!