The wait is finally over

FAIRTIQ lets you now buy additional tickets for your loved ones with just one swipe. Simply register your travel companions in the app and select them before starting your trip. That’s it - enjoy your trip together by train, bus, streetcar or boat!

Well, it was about time. But as the saying goes: Good things come to those who wait! 😉 It's always been good to travel with a companion. Thanks to FAIRTIQ’s companion mode, it just got better.

Update your FAIRTIQ app to the newest version (6.2) to receive the feature. Your region is not included? Don’t worry, it will follow soon. We will inform you by email and on our social media channels as soon as the feature is available in your region.

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This is how companion mode works
Add your companions in the app under Menu > Companions.
Select your travel companions on your home screen before you start your journey.
Swipe to start the trip! As soon as you end your trip it will be ended for all passengers at the same time.
Tickets for dogs, bikes and groups ⛔
Our answers to your most burning questions
Over the past few months, the FAIRTIQ tech team has been working on the companion mode feature until their heads were spinning. We wanted to offer you the feature as soon as possible. Since it is now possible to take at least one additional person with you, we don't want to wait any longer and make this feature available to you already.
1 Why can't I buy tickets for dogs, bikes or groups?

However, you cannot take your dog, your bike or larger groups with you yet. The reason: In some of these cases, we cannot yet guarantee that you will be charged the best available fare via FAIRTIQ. However, the best price guarantee is as much a part of FAIRTIQ as the swipe movement in the app.

"Cannot" doesn't exist with FAIRTIQ, though. 😃 

Be patient a little longer. Soon you will be able to buy tickets for your companion on four legs or two wheels via FAIRTIQ.

2 Why doesn't the best price optimization work for dogs?

Depending on the journeys you do during the day, a special “dog day ticket” might be cheaper for your four-legged friend. Dog day tickets do not yet work via FAIRTIQ. We are still waiting for some adjustments to be made in the public transport industry to be able to offer them for you.

3 Why doesn't the best price optimization work for bicycles?

We are not yet able to offer you a bike day ticket via FAIRTIQ, if this would be the best available ticket option for you. In order to offer bike day tickets in the future, some amendments in the public transport sector are needed.

Unfortunately, you can't use FAIRTIQ to reserve a space for your bike either, which is mandatory on some trains in Switzerland.

4 Why can I buy only one additional ticket in Germany and four in Switzerland?

In some regions of Germany there are group tickets, which are the best available ticket option even for small groups of three or more.  Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to offer these group fares via FAIRTIQ. Therefore, if you have at least two fellow companions in Germany, we cannot yet guarantee that you will be charged the best available fare via FAIRTIQ.

5 Why are there no group ticket fares via FAIRTIQ yet?

FAIRTIQ is currently valid in 5 countries and over 22 different regions. Group ticket fare rules vary significantly from region to region. Programming group ticket fares is therefore very complex and requires resources that would have greatly delayed the launch of this feature. We therefore ask you for a little more patience.

Do you have any further questions or uncertainties?
You can find all the details about Companion Mode in our Help Centre.