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Over 60 public transport companies in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France rely on FAIRTIQ technology to make the customer payment experience the easiest ever. Just slide the Start button in the FAIRTIQ app and you’re set. Work with us and our partner network to tomorrow’s public transport: sustainable, simple, efficient and above all customer-friendly. See for yourself what our partners have to say about FAIRTIQ!  

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After FAIRTIQ’s successful launch in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and France, newer and bigger markets are beginning to open up. In the not-too-distant future, FAIRTIQ will make public transport easy internationally.​

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Urban mobility is changing and FAIRTIQ is part of the change. What do we want the future of public transport to look like? A series presented by UITP (International Association of Public Transport) and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. 


FAIRTIQ Case Studies and White Papers

Read how FAIRTIQ is helping operators increase ridership, reduce costs, protect revenue and improve the customer experience. 


Improving Bus Reliability by Decreasing Dwell Time

Punctual bus services are always at or near the top of passengers’ wishlist. The last few years have witnessed considerable investment in dedicated bus infrastructure to improve bus service running times. What else can be done to fully leverage this investment, to improve both speed and reliability of all bus services?


Fighting ticket fraud

Checking in too late, checking out too early, faked location data and bogus personal details: these are a few of the ticket fraud scenarios that could play out on the FAIRTIQ app. They rarely succeed, since the FAIRTIQ app comes equipped with tools to manage and prevent fare evasion.  

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Press releases

Swipe through Normandy - Now also on SNCF trains and buses

Discover how the FAIRTIQ ticket app offers seamless and multi-modal travel experiences on various networks in Normandy, including SNCF trains and buses.
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The simplest public transport ticket lands in the Zlín Region

Discover how the Zlín Region is revolutionising public transportation with the new FAIRTIQ app, offering seamless mobile ticketing and a convenient pay-as-you-go system.
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A first for FAIRTIQ in Italy: Arenaways Longitude Holding chooses innovative digital ticketing technology

FAIRTIQ partners with Arenaways in Italy to introduce mobile pay-as-you-go ticketing in Piedmont, revolutionising the public transport experience.
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FAIRTIQ Expands Language Support to Include Czech and Swiss German in its Ticketing App

FAIRTIQ announces the integration of Czech and Swiss German languages into its ticketing app, enhancing accessibility and user experience for travellers.
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FAIRTIQ introduces Rejsekort as an app: Redefining Public Transport Ticketing in Denmark

FAIRTIQ is pleased to announce the first version of Rejsekort as an app, representing a milestone in public transport ticketing in Denmark
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Pedals and Paws on Board: FAIRTIQ Rolls Out Seamless Travel with Bikes and Dogs

Experience the new era of ticketing with FAIRTIQ! Now, travelers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein can easily include dogs and bikes in their journeys, all at the best prices.
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Antoine Belaieff

Lead New Markets

Steve Broadley

Lead UK and Ireland

What our partners say about us


«Why is the partnership with FAIRTIQ unique? Because it generates fresh ideas, creates innovative fare solutions and opens up new sales channels.»


Karin Schwizer

Project Manager Product Development at Appenzeller Railways AG


«It was important to us to be able to offer our customers a follow-up system quickly and seamlessly. FAIRTIQ was able to create a solution for us very quickly on the basis of an existing system.»


Frank Bärnighausen

CEO at Regional Transport Association Lörrach


«The FAIRTIQ solution is particularly interesting because of its reliability. The fact that it has already been deployed in very large mobility areas, and even across entire countries, was a guarantee of quality for us.»


Cédric Morel

CEO at Syndicat mixte Atoumod


«FAIRTIQ is an ideal partner to work with to produce innovative offers. We were delighted by how customer-focused, fast and agile FAIRTIQ is in developing the app with new ideas.»


Andreas Völker

Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Hallesche Verkehrs AG

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