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Simple, practical and cost-effective: The FAIRTIQ Employee Mobility Budget

Sustainable mobility for employees, full cost transparency for employers

Whether as part of their sustainability strategy, mobility management plan or employee benefits package, providing the workforce with public transport tickets has become a must for many companies. However, there is a downside: the often onerous administrative and financial outlay involved in regularly purchasing and issuing these tickets. Is such a service really worth it? With the FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget, the answer is always and unequivocally yes. This is because our new B2B product gives companies complete cost control with minimal effort, while offering employees flexible mobility choices and access to the simplest public transport ticket in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget provides our B2B customers with a flexible and attractive solution that is fully in sync with their employees’ transport needs. You set the budget and its terms of use:. Here, you can choose one of two options: you can either establish an annual budget which your employees can dispose of as they see fit, or create a monthly budget which they can use during the given calendar month. Only budgets that are activated are invoiced and paid. In other words, you will not incur any costs if your employees do not activate their mobility budget. All they have to do is install the FAIRTIQ app on their smartphone, register and enter the activation code. Thanks to the FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget, making the switch to sustainable mobility is now easier than ever before.

Benefits at a glance

For your company: 

  • No upfront payments, no recurring accounting expenses
  • Complete cost control
  • No inflexible season tickets; no costs incurred if budget is not activated
  • Offer valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein 

For your employees: 

  • Flexible use of the mobility budget: any type of public transport, any route, any time
  • Digital ticket and convenient check-in/check-out function all in the FAIRTIQ app
  • Transparent overview of the current balance of their budget account
  • Possibility of continuing to use the app to purchase tickets at their own expense even after they have exhausted their budget.
Good bye, company cars and paper tickets. Hello, mobility budgets.

Studies have found that employees want more flexibility when it comes to their mobility: whether it is the type of public transport they use, the route they take or when they travel. The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards greater workplace flexibility. In addition to offering new working time models, many companies now give their employees the option of working remotely, either from home or elsewhere This makes it easier for workers to reconcile the demands of a busy working day with their individual needs.

Personal preferences and values also play an important role in mobility choices and behaviour. A growing number of people are turning to more sustainable transport options. By providing their employees with a mobility budget, companies are doing their bit to hasten the shift to environmentally friendly modes of transport. Also, it is important to remember that mobility is a key component of any sustainability strategy. The FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget helps companies honour their commitment to the environment and climate protection in a very tangible way while offering their employees an attractive and very practical perk. 

FAIRTIQ is committed to sustainable corporate mobility

FAIRTIQ’s mission is to make sustainable mobility easier for our individual and business customers. We appreciate that sustainability is a priority for many firms, and that the tough economic climate coupled with the impact of the pandemic have pushed cost transparency and economic efficiency to the top of their agendas. The FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget allows companies to advance their sustainability and efficiency goals, simply and cost-effectively. 

The employee mobility budget is the latest addition to FAIRTIQ’s range of B2B products. We firmly believe that the FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget and the simplest public transport ticket in Switzerland are a winning combination and an ideal solution for companies that are committed to sustainable mobility, employee welfare and economic efficiency.

Some of our B2B customers: