Travel around Normandy with a simple swipe

June 29, 2023 Travel around Normandy with a simple swipe

Le Havre / Caen / Bern, 29 June 2023. With the FAIRTIQ mobile postpaid pay-as-you-go (PAYG) app, passengers can now travel with complete flexibility, without having to worry about buying a ticket in advance. This new, secure and user-friendly e-ticketing system will gradually be rolled out across Normandy.

Since 28 June 2023, the FAIRTIQ app is available on the Twisto (Caen la mer) and LiA (Le Havre Seine Métropole) networks, as well as on Nomad Car routes 111 and 122, which link these two metropolitan areas. How does it work? Open the application, swipe to start your journey, then swipe again at the end to complete the journey. That's all there is to it! The application calculates the best applicable fare for the entire journey and charges it afterwards.

Simple, reliable and intermodal
This postpaid pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model makes life easier for both local and visiting users, who don't have to worry about the fares for each network or about buying their tickets in advance. Trips are recorded and charged at the end of the journey, at the best price. In addition, the fact that all the different modes of transport (tram, bus and train) are taken into account makes intermodal journeys much easier.

Partnership between the Syndicat mixte Atoumod and FAIRTIQ
The launch of this application has been made possible by a recent partnership between the Syndicat mixte Atoumod, responsible for the intermodal coordination of public transport travel in Normandy, and the Swiss company FAIRTIQ. “We're finally going to be able to test this application on a large scale and see how travellers use it on a daily basis, said Cédric Morel, director of Atoumod. We're also looking forward to seeing how operators take to this new tool.”

Phased rollout
Following the launch of this new service in Le Havre and Caen, the FAIRTIQ app will gradually be rolled out to other public transport networks in Normandy. In a third phase, this post-payment model will also be directly integrated into Atoumod MaaS. "Our goal is to develop tools that are increasingly more effective, flexible and simple. All this to enable our users to travel with peace of mind. And I think that when you use this type of application, you will want to keep using it", stressed Cédric Morel.

Current coverage radius
Starting 28 June 2023, the FAIRTIQ mobile postpaid PAYG Appn will be available on the following networks: LiA (Le Havre Seine Métropole), Twisto (Caen la mer), and regional routes 111 and 122 (Nomad Car).

Download the application here