16 May 2019

6 months of FAIRTIQ in Vorarlberg | FAIRTIQ

6 months of FAIRTIQ in Vorarlberg | FAIRTIQ

6 months of FAIRTIQ in Vorarlberg

Since autumn 2018, buses and trains in Vorarlberg have been even easier to use: With the new FAIRTIQ vmobil ticketing app, a touch of the finger before boarding is all it takes to purchase a valid ticket for any route. The app then automatically records the journeys of one day and subsequently bills the following night at the most attractive daily rate. "The selection and purchase of tickets is no longer necessary without replacement and the cheapest fare is automatically charged," says Rauch, Member of the Regional Council, summing up the advantages of this new, additional offer.

Regular guests of the public transport have an attractive annual ticket offer in Vorarlberg. FAIRTIQ, on the other hand, appeals to those using public transport occasionally.

The numbers speak for themselves

This new offer has been well received, as a current interim balance shows: 

  • 12’804 downloads of the FAIRTIQ vmobil app and just as many registered customers
  • 64’651 trips completed with FAIRTIQ in the VVV 
  • Currently, FAIRTIQ vmobil sells an average of 280 tickets (single/day) per working day (equivalent to approximately 3.2% of the total number of single and day tickets sold in VVV). 

In the words of the users 

The app is perfect for people who only travel by public transport once in a while.

Really great app! Makes buying tickets easier and cheaper. 

I'm thrilled! Makes my life easier. 

"This must be the future." 

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation has researched the current status of GPS ticketing in Austria in an online contribution. Commuter initiatives demand the introduction of GPS ticketing throughout Austria. An Austria-wide annual network ticket under the title "Österreich-Ticket" is planned, but GPS ticketing would also be an additional offer for occasional users.

You can find the whole contribution here.