19 September 2022

Employee mobility budgets go digital | FAIRTIQ

Employee mobility budgets go digital | FAIRTIQ

Mobility is freedom. Mobility is movement. Mobility is at the heart of everything we have to, or want to do, like getting to and from work. Although remote working has become much more commonplace in recent years, many of us still need to spend time in our physical workplace.  Whether it is an office, a shop, a hospital, a garage, a factory or somewhere else, few workplaces are within walking distance of our homes. Mobility is therefore an imperative.

At the same time, mobility involves effort. Mobility costs money. Mobility can be time-consuming. So, it stands to reason that employees want their commute to be as easy, quick, cheap and safe as possible, and in sync with their lifestyle. A growing number of travellers also want greater flexibility and more eco-friendly transport options. This is where employers can lend a helping hand. 

"What people want now and in the future is individual and integrated mobility. They want an uncomplicated individual mobility experience whereby the car, suburban train, tram, taxi etc. are highly integrated and work together as seamlessly as possible. Mobility of the future will be electric, CO2-neutral and plannable on a smart app." - Visar Hamza, Market Development Manager at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland AG.

Investing in sustainable employee mobility will pay dividends for employers

'Job tickets' (season tickets purchased in bulk by employers) enable companies to reduce the transport-related costs incurred by their employees, make it easier for staff to get to and from work, and encourage the workforce to make the switch to public transport. They are also a sign of appreciation and an effective and appropriate way to attract workers who do not have a driving licence or own a car. By promoting sustainable mobility, employers demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility goals while also improving their own green credentials. However, none of this is new.

Making employee season tickets simpler and cheaper

Free season tickets have long been one of the benefits that companies have offered their employees. However, purchasing, issuing and billing these paper tickets, not to mention tracking the details of employees who use them regularly or occasionally and replacing lost cards is time-consuming and onerous for employers. 

“We really liked the check-in/check-out and pay-per-use solution that the FAIRTIQ product offered us. It is a good match for our customers because it also provides easy access to additional mobility-related services.” -Visar Hamza, Market Development Manager at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland AG

When we were developing the FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget, we drew on our experiences with our existing digital B2B solutions which are designed to encourage more sustainable corporate mobility. We didn't re-invent employee season tickets but simply created a solution for employers that makes it as easy as possible for them to combine sustainability with profitability.

Install the FAIRTIQ app, set a budget and get on the sustainable mobility track

With the FAIRTIQ employee mobility budget, employers set the budget and its terms of use. They can choose to establish a budget on a monthly or annual basis. Only budgets that are activated are invoiced and paid. To access their mobility budget, employees simply have to enter the activation code in the FAIRTIQ app. From that point on, they have access to the simplest public transport ticket in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and FAIRTIQ partner regions in Austria, Germany and France.


For FAIRTIQ, the employee mobility budget is a further step in its mission to simplify the use of sustainable mobility. For companies, it is an opportunity to offer their employees attractive, easy and effective mobility solutions.


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