17 December 2019

FAIRTIQ – bringing our partners together | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ – bringing our partners together | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ – bringing our partners together

FAIRTIQ is a big community, made up of thousands of travellers and nearly 40 business partners, i.e. public transport operators and fare communities. We work extremely closely with all our partners regardless of whether they are a short distance or hundreds of kilometres away from our offices in Bern. But how do our partners see it? Read their side of the story in our latest blog post. 

Seductive simplicity

Public transport providers and fare communities first hear about FAIRTIQ in a variety of ways, much like the journeys taken by FAIRTIQ users. In some cases, potential business partners set up a first kick-off meeting with us almost as soon as they come across our innovative mobile ticketing solution. In other cases, the decision to adopt FAIRTIQ takes more time because it is part of a public procurement procedure or multiple players are involved. However, both groups have one thing in common: a need to know as much as possible about FAIRTIQ: the product, the company behind it, how to use the app, feedback from existing users, experiences in the network, to name but only a few. Of course, we are well-placed to answer many of these questions. But certain queries require input from experts of a higher calibre: satisfied partners who have already boarded the FAIRTIQ express!

Learning from one another

This year, FAIRTIQ hosted its second round of networking events: the FAIRTIQ User Days. The first was held in Zurich in late October, the second in Berlin in early December. They provided transport operators and fare communities with an opportunity to discuss app upgrades and updates, how to generate added value, pre-launch marketing and advertising campaign ideas, as well as solutions for corporate customers and innovative tariff solutions. As well as presentations by the FAIRTIQ team, User Days are a chance for attendees to hear from business partners on their implementation experiences, enjoy short hack & tell sessions and take part in workshops. Last but by no means least, the event is rounded off in suitably Swiss style with an apéro :) These informal drinks receptions are a chance for everyone to chat about their FAIRTIQ experiences and network with industry colleagues. 

Sharing for success 

Feedback at the end of our User Days like “A brilliant event organised and hosted by the fantastic FAIRTIQ crew! Thanks a million!” brings it home to us that FAIRTIQ can be more than a product; it can be a platform, too. We also have come to the happy realisation that our business partners are as enthusiastic about FAIRTIQ as we and our user community are. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2019. Here’s to the 2020 FAIRTIQ User Days! 

👉 Did you miss our events this year but want to attend next year’s? If so, let us know at: b2b@fairtiq.com