1 April 2019

FAIRTIQ is now also your boat ticket | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ is now also your boat ticket | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ is now also your boat ticket

Until now it was: "Whether train, bus or tram - you ride and FAIRTIQ takes care of the rest." This now also applies to scheduled cruises on Swiss waters. Where the GA is valid, FAIRTIQ works - on land and now also on water. Ship Ahoy!

Align your head with the sun, close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair. A boat trip can be so relaxing. Almost nobody can resist this pleasure. But if you are like me, then most often you don't plan your trip far ahead. When I stroll across the Europaplatz in Lucerne, hear the ship's horn and see the majestic steamship Schiller arrive, at that exact moment I think: Now a boat trip, that's it! But it won't be that easy. Until now.

Olympic discipline «tourist slalom»

Because there's the queue in front of the ticket booth. And not even that is the biggest problem, but the countless tourist groups and their tour guides holding umbrellas who literally brick up the way from the jetty to the ticket booth and back again. The Adelboden giant slalom at «Chuenisbärgli» is a piece of cake! So far, the only thing that remained for me was the wistful look with which I watched the paddle steamer with its sun worshipping cargo. But that's over now, thanks to FAIRTIQ!

Check in and travel

Thanks to FAIRTIQ, I - and you, of course, too - can now spontaneously decide whether or not I want to go on board just as the ship enters the port. Just check in to the FAIRTIQ app and go on board. So nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous cruise on Lake Lucerne or an other Swiss waters in the GA validity range. And, of course, FAIRTIQ can also be used for planned and spontaneous trips by various means of transport. Check in once and the Swiss public transport world is at your feet!

Oh, how beautiful Switzerland is

FAIRTIQ enables the simplest travel. And even if we have now opened up lakes and rivers, you won't (yet) come to Panama with us. But if you listen to Janosch, then this is not necessary. Because: «Everyone has always lived in paradise, just didn't know it».