23 March 2020

Nützliche Tipps und Tricks fürs Gesund bleiben im Home Office.

Nützliche Tipps und Tricks fürs Gesund bleiben im Home Office.

How to stay healthy while working from home

Working from home, a dream or a nightmare? While I enjoy working from home every now and then, the idea of having to stay home indefinitely seems a little terrifying. To make it more appealing and fun, here are a few tips and tricks I gathered after my first week of home office 

Sarah working from home

Physical Health

It’s easy to become a couch potato when you are inside all day. Nothing better than a little challenge to keep you fit and on your toes:

  • Every time you finish a video call, do ten squats. 
  • Every time you realize you do not have a good posture, do ten sit-ups. 
  • Every cup of coffee is worth ten jumping jacks. You’ll definitely have the energy to do those after coffee. 
  • Go to and come back from the bathroom doing lunges. 
  • Open the windows every now and do the following exercise: Take a deep breath counting to five, holding your breath for five and exhaling for five. Repeat five times. 


Sweets and soft drinks are nice and all, but how about taking this #stayhome opportunity to cut down on processed sugar? For example, make a big jug of naturally flavoured water in the morning, which you can drink throughout the day. Try fresh mint and cucumber, ginger and lemon or even basil and blueberry. Another good way to avoid processed sugar is to cut up some veggies and fruits, put them all on a plate and keep them somewhere prominent like the kitchen counter or the dinner table to snack on them all day.

Mental health

Finally, staying home does not mean you have to cut out all social interactions. Thanks to social media and work platforms, you have the opportunity to stay in touch with everybody (and anybody, really). FAIRTIQ has organized a virtual coffee place for employees to meet up and chat during breaks. This is the best way to stay connected and sane, especially when you are home alone. 

Working from home is definitely not all bad. It allows you to have more time for yourself and all the little projects you’ve never had time to carry out. So take your time, enjoy it and #stayhome. It’s never been easier to save lives. 

Bonus: 3 tips for an ergonomic workstation at home 

  1. Be gentle on your eyes: Make sure there are no windows behind or in front of you to avoid screen reflections. 
  2. Keep a straight posture: When sitting, your elbows and your knees should form 90° angles. 
  3. Protect your neck: Position your screen so that you are slightly looking down on it. This imitates the natural position of your head.