20 July 2022

My life between FAIRTIQ and time consuming hobbies | FAIRTIQ

My life between FAIRTIQ and time consuming hobbies | FAIRTIQ

FAIRTIQ, triathlon and photography, how can that work out? 

It works! All three disciplines, or rather six, can be combined, because triathlon consists of the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.

Admittedly, it requires flexibility. I get this in my job at FAIRTIQ where I work on my own responsibility with a workload of 90%. The decision whether to work from home or in the office is mine, as is the planning and prioritisation. Since we work according to the OKR model (Objectives and Key results) anyway, it is clear to everyone what we want to achieve. However, contact with colleagues is important to me and I often prefer working in an office to working from home. All the more so because I often cycle to work. One route is 25 km. An optimal distance, neither too short nor too long to provide a training stimulus. After work, I add a diversion over hilly terrain, weather permitting. Depending on my schedule, I may also include a short run or swim on the Aare over lunch. 

However, I am less meticulous about planning my training. I don't follow a rigid training plan that tells me what I should do, when, how often and how intensively. That's where the fun stops. But I can't do it without a goal. I orient myself to weekly and annual goals, the content of which depends on the competitions. I was inspired by a well-known triathlon coach who says: "I'm only interested in what I did yesterday and what I want to do tomorrow. I design today's training according to this principle. Above all, it teaches me to listen to my own body. No watch or training app can know how I feel right now. So far, this has also kept me from overtraining. 

Another reason is that I like to take photos, which takes me into a completely different world. I'm particularly interested in two subject areas: landscape photography on the one hand and portrait photography on the other. Landscape above all, because it is simply breathtaking in our country. I often take my Canon 90D with me on the bike. During holidays or weekends, the focus shifts more to photography and I can relax very well, especially when I get up very early in the morning to photograph a sunrise on a mountain peak. In portrait photography, I like to play with the light, because controlling the light to achieve the desired result is a challenge and often requires several attempts. The joy is then all the greater when 10 successful photos emerge from 100. I use people from my circle of acquaintances, my family or colleagues as models. If no one is available at the moment, then I have to help out myself. Portrait photography also has a lot to do with interaction, because many people shy away from the camera and say that they are not photogenic. Which is nonsense in my eyes, because every person is unique, interesting and beautiful. If I manage to photograph people as authentically as possible, the results are always great. 

Maybe we'll meet on the way, whether swimming, on the bike, on foot or with the camera. I would be happy about an exchange!