16 May 2019

New with beeline tariff on the way in Göttingen - possible thanks to GöVB and FAIRTIQ | FAIRTIQ

New with beeline tariff on the way in Göttingen - possible thanks to GöVB and FAIRTIQ | FAIRTIQ

New with beeline tariff on the way in Göttingen - possible thanks to GöVB and FAIRTIQ

Together with the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GöVB), FAIRTIQ launches its ticketing app for local public transport in Göttingen's city network. It uses an innovative tariff. The so-called beeline tariff. In this article you can find out what advantages this new tariff has, specially for travellers. 

Best service vs. punctuality

Many transport companies face the same challenge. They want to offer their passengers the best possible service. This applies to buying tickets as well as keeping to the timetable. But this usually leads to a conflict of objectives. If dozens of people buy a ticket on the bus, the departure is inevitably delayed. Time, which unfortunately is usually lacking in everyday life and therefore leads to trouble - for travellers as well as for public transport companies. FAIRTIQ can put an end to this dilemma.

Always the cheapest ticket thanks to the beeline tariff

Thanks to FAIRTIQ, passengers can now also use public transport in Göttingen in the simplest way possible. All they have to do is check-in in the app before boarding and check-out again when they leave the vehicle. FAIRTIQ takes care of buying the right and cheapest ticket(s). The new beeline tariff makes it possible. The calculation is not based on the actual distance travelled, but only on the linear distance between the boarding and ending stops. An additional capping limit also ensures that a maximum of EUR 6.00 must be paid per day.

A speed of implementation that inspires

What has been developed in the past months in close cooperation with the GöVB is a ticketing solution that represents a win-win situation both for the passengers and GöVB. Passengers now have a new ticket channel in their pocket. Thanks to reduced bus sales, the GöVB can reduce waiting times at bus stops and increase punctuality.

Not only the finished product, but also the way to do it was more than successful.

The FAIRTIQ team quickly grasped our initial situation. A pilot was set up in just a few weeks and not even half a year later everyone can travel with FAIRTIQ in Göttingen. 

- Heike Spielmann (project manager at GöVB) 

 The agile and goal-oriented approach of FAIRTIQ inspired the GöVB.

Good to know 

The FAIRITQ app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android mobile phones and used for travel on all busses in the Göttingen city network. In addition to the usual means of payment (Visa, Mastercard), tickets can also be paid in Göttingen using the widespread PayPal payment service.