24 December 2018

Together we travel, together we donate

Together we travel, together we donate
During the 2018 Christmas period, FAIRTIQ teamed up with its many partners who represent Swiss local public transport companies, to support the Jeder Rappen zählt 2018 initiative. This was our first national charity campaign.

Our partners donated 1% of all revenue generated from all journeys performed using the FAIRTIQ app within Switzerland, between the period of December 1st and 20th.

Ticket prices remained unchanged and our users weren’t billed for the donation. No matter where you were in Switzerland, you could swipe and let others benefit from your trips.

The FAIRTIQ Community raised more than 10’000 francs!

Thank you to all FAIRTIQ users, who supported our campaign. With your help, we were able to raise 10’117 francs for the charity and help children worldwide. In just three weeks, the FAIRTIQ Community travelled great distances to help give children in need a roof over their heads.

38’599 users have done 230’073 trips of 2’882’095 km and generated a total turnover of CHF 1’011’724.

We are grateful to our partners who helped us make this happen!