16 December 2020

Myriam Berg im Videointerview

Myriam Berg im Videointerview

Video interview with Myriam Berg

Myriam Berg, the Managing Director of Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG (EVAG) for the past 11 years, sat down with us for a video interview. In it she shares the inside story on the run-up to and official roll-out of the FAIRTIQ app, and talks about what it has been like working with the FAIRTIQ team. 


"It was important for me to work with a partner who didn't come to a trade fair with just a click dummy but had come up with a workable solution. FAIRTIQ ticked this box because its solution is already up and running across Switzerland." Myriam Berg



Read an excerpt from the interview below:

FAIRTIQ: Why did you choose FAIRTIQ?

Myriam Berg:

That's an easy one. When I travel, I like it to be hassle-free. It is not the ticket we want to sell but the journey, the mobility. 


FAIRTIQ: How does the FAIRTIQ app benefit your customers?

Myriam Berg:

For our passengers, the advantage of this solution is that it does all the work for them. Buying a ticket via the app is much easier, especially for our older customers, than using a ticket machine. All they have to do is swipe the Start button before they board and swipe the Stop button once they have arrived at their destination. 


FAIRTIQ: How did the FAIRTIQ launch go?

Myriam Berg: 

At EVAG we decided for a two-phase roll-out of the FAIRTIQ app. First, we conducted a market test in Erfurt, then we brought all other public transport providers in Thüringen on board. 


FAIRTIQ: What do you particularly like about the FAIRTIQ app?

Myriam Berg: 

This combination of public transport and IT expertise, FAIRTIQ has it all under control. 

The team helped us iron out a few wrinkles when we weren't sure what direction to take. FAIRTIQ would say, "We've done this before, so here's what we think you should do…". 


FAIRTIQ: What other advantages does the FAIRTIQ solution offer? 

Myriam Berg: 

Thanks to FAIRTIQ, we will be able to do away with, or at least not replace, our on-board ticket machines next year. This will save us millions. 


FAIRTIQ: How do you see the future of mobile ticketing in Germany?

Myriam Berg: 

I could well imagine that FAIRTIQ will become the public transport ticketing standard in Germany. 


FAIRTIQ: Your project recently won the German Mobility Award. What does this accolade mean to you?

Myriam Berg: 

I am extremely proud. It shows that our decision to go with this solution was the right one. 


FAIRTIQ: What would you say to other public transport providers that are thinking about introducing mobile ticketing?

Myriam Berg: 

Be brave and just do it. We have first-hand experience that it is totally possible to achieve swift solutions incrementally. All these small steps combine to create a cohesive whole. Give it a try!

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