17 March 2021

FAIRTIQ nun auch in der Region Würzburg verfügbar

FAIRTIQ nun auch in der Region Würzburg verfügbar

Würzburg puts the FAIRTIQ app to the test

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, it is more important than ever that travellers can use public transport flexibly and safely. This situation has prompted WVV and APG – two public transport companies in the German region of Würzburg – to market test the FAIRTIQ app.

FAIRTIQ's clever technology means that hassle-free public transport journeys are only one smartphone swipe away. Instead of worrying if they have the correct change or going through conventional sales channels, all that bus and tram users in Würzburg, Höchberg and Gerbrunn have to do to buy the right ticket is install and activate the FAIRTIQ app.

As WVV Managing Director Thomas Schäfer explains, "Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible to travel on the Würzburg public transport network." Dominik Stiller, the operations manager at APG, also considers that FAIRTIQ offers tremendous potential in this regard. 

©Cornelia Wagner, WVV

First, FAIRTIQ, WVV and APG will carry out a one-year market test of the app. Our new partners also want to use this opportunity to explore the feasibility of a roll-out across the entire Verkehrsunternehmens-Verbund Mainfranken (VVM) fare community.

Until then, the FAIRTIQ app can be used on all public transport networks in the city of Würzburg and in neighbouring Höchberg and Gerbrunn, including zone boundary stops. 

The FAIRTIQ app also comes with a daily price cap. No matter how many individual journeys the user makes on the WVV and APG fare networks in a 24-hour period, they will pay no more than the price of one-day pass. This means that WVV and APG users no longer have to carefully think through their travel plans before purchasing their ticket in the morning. If they take the bus or tram once during the course of the day, they pay 2.50 euros. If they make two or more journeys during the same 24-hour period, they pay a maximum of 4.30 euros, i.e. the cost of a one-day pass.

Gian-Mattia Schucan, FAIRTIQ founder and CEO, is delighted to welcome the ninth German public transport community to the FAIRTIQ family, "Within a few months of our successful launch in Aschaffenburg, we are now set to extend FAIRTIQ's reach to the city and greater Würzburg area, the largest region in the State of Lower Franconia. We could not be happier."

If you would like to become a FAIRTIQ partner, contact our public transport expert Paula Ruoff today: 

Paula Ruoff

Business Development Manager Germany