Swipe through Normandy - Now also on SNCF trains and buses

July 01, 2024 Swipe through Normandy - Now also on SNCF trains and buses

Le Havre / Caen / Bern, 1 July 2024: The FAIRTIQ ticket app has been available for a year on the Twisto (Caen la Mer) and LiA (Le Havre Seine Métropole) networks and on Nomad Car lines 111 and 122. Just in time for the first anniversary, the scope of validity will be extended to SNCF trains and buses in the Normandy region.

Since 28 June 2023, the FAIRTIQ app has been available on the Twisto (Caen la Mer) and LiA (Le Havre Seine Métropole) networks, as well as on Nomad Car lines 111 and 122, which connect these two conurbations. This enables people in Normandy to use public transport in the simplest possible way: A swipe on their smartphone is all it takes to have a ticket in their pocket. Another swipe when getting off the bus or the automatic "Smart Stop" function ends the journey. The app automatically determines the correct ticket and settles the fare cashlessly using the stored payment method. "We introduced the FAIRTIQ app in Normandy a year ago so that we could test how users reacted to it," explains Cédric Morel, Director of Atoumod. "Our conclusion: FAIRTIQ is a success in Normandy! Both in terms of the users and the regional operators, who have accepted the tool very well," says a delighted Cédric Morel.

Just in time for the anniversary, the extension of the scope to include SNCF trains and buses makes the ticketing app in Normandy even more attractive. "The extension to the SNCF network is another logical step in responding to current customer needs and making the app and thus traveling by public transport in Normandy even more attractive," says Cédric Morel, Director of Atoumod.


Current area of validity

The FAIRTIQ app has been available on the following networks since 28 June 2023:
LiA (Le Havre Seine Métropole), Twisto (Caen la Mer) and on regional lines 111 and 122 (Nomad Car).
Since 28 June 2024 also extended to the SNCF network: All SNCF trains and buses in the Normandy region. More information (in French).


How travelling with FAIRTIQ works

Before boarding the train or bus, passengers check in to the app with a swipe. This gives them a valid ticket for all public transport in the relevant region. Once they arrive at their destination, another "swipe" completes the cost recording. The app recognises the route travelled based on the location and calculates the correct ticket. If the value of several individual journeys exceeds the price of a day pass, the customer only pays the cheaper fare at the end.



FAIRTIQ is a Swiss SME with the aim of making travelling by public transport as easy as possible. The ticketing app and technology developed and operated by FAIRTIQ and accredited according to strict quality criteria can already be used for all public transport in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as in parts of France, Germany and Austria. Now the whole of Denmark is being added. Over 130 employees are involved in the management and further development of the product. FAIRTIQ was founded in 2016 by Gian-Mattia Schucan and is a public limited company under private law based in Bern.

With over 150 million journeys in total, FAIRTIQ is the world's most successful mobile in/out ticketing solution, available for iPhone and Android. FAIRTIQ's partners are transport companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Denmark. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) use the technology operated by FAIRTIQ in their own app under the name Easy Ride, and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) also rely on FAIRTIQ technology in their app.

By the way: FAIRTIQ users contribute to the reduction of more than 26 million tonnes of CO2 per year by choosing public transport instead of other means of transport. This corresponds to the average annual CO2 emissions of more than 6,600 people living in Switzerland.


About Syndicat Mixte Atoumod

The launch of the application was made possible by a partnership between the "Syndicat Mixte Atoumod", responsible for the multimodal coordination of public transport in Normandy.