28 February 2022

Das ist das FAIRTIQ Partner-Netzwerk

Das ist das FAIRTIQ Partner-Netzwerk

FAIRTIQ has a thriving and dynamic partner network. Nurturing these relationships is a top priority for us. This is why we regularly organise expert workshops, host the FAIRTIQ Forum, embark on marketing cooperations and offer a space where our partners are able to unlock important synergies. 

FAIRTIQ is more than a ticket channel and an innovative marketing partner. It is also a platform where specialists meet, share ideas and work together to make public transport the best that it can be. At FAIRTIQ, we believe that we can achieve more together than alone. 


True to the motto: Successful alone, much more together.

From the outset, FAIRTIQ has seen and treated its customers – public transport companies and associations – as partners. For us, the software-as-a-service model is about more than continually working to make our technology even better. It is also about forging a close working relationship with our partners and partner regions, learning from one another and sharing experiences. We have devised a range of instruments to support this process.


Regular marketing and expert workshops in Switzerland

Our expert workshops are aimed at our partners' sales directors. They are often our partner's point person and therefore work most closely with us. The core mission of these workshops is to provide a space where specialists can learn from one another and connect. They are an opportunity for partners to share information on the latest market trends, and for FAIRTIQ to provide its partners with activity and product development updates.

Our marketing workshops offer our partners' marketing executives a platform for transferring knowledge and leveraging synergies. A central talking point are partner-specific communication measures. Who has done what, and where? What has worked and what hasn't? These key learnings are essential for growth and development, which is why FAIRTIQ should not keep them to itself but give all its partners access to them. These workshops are also an opportunity for the FAIRTIQ marketing team to give a preview of upcoming campaigns, and share outcomes and user insights from previous campaigns. Last but not least, joint working sessions are a chance to explore new ideas and, in some cases, launch larger, partner marketing cooperation projects. 


Partner workshops in Germany and Austria

While FAIRTIQ is available across the entire public transport network in Switzerland, uptake varies considerably between our partner regions in Germany and Austria. With this and our expanding network of partner regions in mind, we set up a regular virtual workshop in 2020 for all our German and Austrian partners. Participants meet four times a year to present developments in their particular region that are also of relevance to the other partners. These include online marketing campaigns to accompany FAIRTIQ launches, new pricing models, customer survey results and implementation of Covid measures. These workshops are also an opportunity for new partners to introduce themselves. 

Seven partner workshops have taken place so far. Here are some examples of the partner inputs from these meetings:

Partners from Switzerland, most of whom are longstanding members of the FAIRTIQ network, also provide input on specific issues. This approach helps to foster exchanges between countries and enable new partners to benefit from the experience and insights of 'seasoned' FAIRTIQ regions.



These workshops are also a chance for the FAIRTIQ team to share the latest developments and opportunities, such as:


In each workshop, time is set aside to discuss the inputs and experiences and to compare them with those of other regions. At the request of the partners, the email addresses of all participants are shared to enable bilateral, in-depth exchange between the regions.



A FAIRTIQ partnership means access to an attractive, constantly evolving ticketing app, to a network of innovative public transport operators, and to valuable information on how digital sales and marketing opportunities can boost public transport use.


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